Phase Four’s Maxwell RF thruster does not implement cathodes anywhere in the system. This eliminates the choke point slowing down manufacturing of traditional plasma propulsion systems.

At Phase Four, we build propulsion systems in runs on a planned production schedule. This allows customers to sign up for units as long as the production run has not commenced, reducing lead times to as short as 3-4 months. We aim for 3-4 production runs per year and each run is comprised of assembly, checkout, and acceptance testing. Take a look at our production schedule below to plan ordering your next Maxwell propulsion system.

Forecasted Availability

Production Run 4 – Block 2 Pilot

Unit type: Maxwell Block 2
Kickoff: February 2022
Deliveries: June 2022

Production Run 5

Unit type: Maxwell Block 2+
Kickoff: June 2022
Deliveries: August 2022

Maxwell Production Flow

At Phase Four we perform assembly, integration, and test of Maxwell systems 100% in house, and we are gradually on ramping production machining and fabrication. This allows us to control quality and schedule by running production around the clock in our own facilities.

RFT Assembly & Hot Fire Test

Step 1A

RFT Assembly & Hot Fire Test

PPU Assembly

Step 1B

PPU Assembly

Person Prop Controller Assembly and Test

Step 1C

Prop Controller Assembly and Test

Top Level Integration

Step 2

Top Level Integration

Software Acceptance Test

Step 3

Software Acceptance Test

Integrated Hot Fire and Calibration

Step 4

Integrated Hot Fire and Calibration

Vibe Testing

Step 5

Vibe Testing

Person TVac Testing

Step 6

TVac Testing

Maxwell ready for Closeout Inspection

Step 7

Closeout Inspection

Person outside door ready to load a truck to ship

Step 8

Ship to Customer