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Phase Four is a disruptive provider of next generation electric propulsion (EP) solutions for small satellites. Phase Four’s RF Thruster represents a revolutionary new architecture that realizes lower cost, mass-manufacturability, miniaturized power electronics, and propellant agnosticism over incumbent technologies, without compromising performance. In 2021 Phase Four’s Maxwell turn-key propulsion system achieved flight heritage and is now being regularly utilized by satellite operators.

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At Phase Four we are constantly pushing the envelope of RF plasma propulsion. We have active R&D in plasma physics of RF thrusters, advanced propellants, and new applications of plasma propulsion in space.


Maxwell is a high performance turn-key plasma propulsion system that leverages miniaturized RF electronics and our electrodeless thruster in a compact form factor.



Phase Four is moving into a new facility located at: 12605 S Van Ness Ave, Hawthorne CA

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The plasma glow created by Phase Four’s novel RF spacecraft engine firing on AFRL’s “green” propellant.
Phase Four’s spacecraft engine first to demo AFRL’s game-changing ‘green’ fuel
Former NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine told Breaking Defense that Phase Four has the potential to "disrupt the in-space propulsion market," and its technology "is important for the country."
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Phase Four Unveils Game Changing Engine for LEO Constellations
Leveraging its new Block 2 architecture, Phase Four announces Max-V, a revolutionary plasma propulsion system available in 2023
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Phase Four adopts iodine for next-gen Max-V engine
Propulsion startup Phase Four is expanding its Maxwell plasma propulsion line by offering Max-V, an iodine-fueled engine.
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